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Cvstos The Time Keeper - PROUD TO BE
Cvstos The Time Keeper - PROUD TO BE
Siar Mexico 2023

Proud to be Mexican

The house is proud to announce the addition of a new Jetliner II to its rich palette of watches. A jetliner in 5N gold components limited to 25 pieces and one in sapphire limited to 10 pieces. These watches are the latest in the coat of arms collection.


A tribute to Mexico, it combines originality with the country's emblems and colors in an openwork design, and reliability with the expertise of our master watchmakers.

CAFU and Embolo Partnership

One of a kind

This sapphire crystal model obeys to the strictest dictates in terms of technical performance and innovative design and is now the favourite timepiece of one of the CVSTOS brand's most iconic fans.

Therefore, CVSTOS is honoured to announce the appointment of CAFU and Embolo as the Brand’s Ambassadors and creates a limited edition.