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The Collections

The Collection


A matchless signature of Strength, Velocity, Speed… the CVSTOS CHRONGRAPH COLLECTION demonstrates the highly prized values that are embodied in every CVSTOS timepiece since the Brand was launched in 2005.


A tribute to tradition but super charged by avant-gardism, CVSTOS redefines the art of highly complicated timepieces and presents a surprising twist to one of the most complicated mechanisms for the measurement of time: The Tourbillon.


Through an uncompromisingly avant-garde design, the CVSTOS JETLINER COLLECTION explores the stylistic channels that guide the science of aeronautics with an energetic twist.


CVSTOS combines feminine charm and technical sophistication with the RE-BELLE COLLECTION. An ode to beauty, these mechanical jewels are only available in limited editions.


A yacht for the wrist. Immediately identifiable, the distinctive aesthetic codes of the CVSTOS SEALINER COLLECTION introduce a nautical concept that sets its timepieces apart.

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