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Cvstos the Time Keeper - Collection Chronograph


A matchless signature of Strength, Velocity, Speed… the CVSTOS CHRONGRAPH COLLECTION demonstrates the highly prized values that are embodied in every CVSTOS timepiece since the Brand was launched in 2005.



Resolutely masculine, the Challenge III Chronograph-S embodies all the values that remain dedicated to the brand’s interpretation of Haute Horlogerie.This third rendition reveals a powerful and dynamic design distinguished by a new case, featuring a highly sophisticated construction.

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41mm / B00107.4102007
45mm / B00107.4502007
41mm / B00107.4172001
45mm / B00107.4572001
41mm / B00107.4172003
45mm / B00107.4572003
41mm / B00107.4102001
45mm / B00107.4502001
41mm / B00107.4172002
45mm / B00107.4572002
41mm / B00107.4102004
45mm / B00107.4502005
41mm / B00107.4102005
45mm / B00107.4502006
41mm / B00107.4176001
45mm / B00107.4576001
41mm / B00107.4102002
45mm / B00107.4502002
41mm / B00107.4102003
45mm / B00107.4502003