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Cvstos the Time Keeper - Collection Jetliner


Through an uncompromisingly avant-garde design, the CVSTOS JETLINER COLLECTION explores the stylistic channels that guide the science of aeronautics with an energetic twist.

Jetliner PS

(41mm) C00103.4172001
(41mm) A00103.4162002
(41mm) A00103.4112001
(45mm) A00103.4512001
(41mm) A00103.4110001
(45mm) A00103.4510001

Jetliner Skull Inkvaders

_ Limited Edition _
25 pieces
(41mm) A10101.4185002
_ Limited Edition _
100 pieces
(41mm) A10101.4105001
(45mm) A10101.4505001
_ Limited Edition _
100 pieces
(41mm) A10101.4106001
(45mm) A10101.4506001